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The Life Sciences Institute provides state of the art infrastructure and other resources to enable the research and teaching conducted by our members.

Omics and Phenotyping Portal


The Life Sciences Institute curates a directory of services and resources for Omics, Phenotyping, and other core technologies to enable our research. The Omics and Phenotyping Portal provides links under Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Microbiomics, Phenotyping, Bioinformatics, Statistics and Other Portals.

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Core Facilities & Room Booking


The Life Sciences Institute Facilities include both Core Research Facilities and Facilities Available to Book.

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Life Sciences Centre


The Life Sciences Centre is the largest building on the UBC point Grey campus. Completed in 2004, the $125 million, 52,165 sq, metres building was built to accommodate the distributed medical educational program – which has nearly doubled the number of medical school graduate in the province to 224, and the Life Sciences Institute. All relevant information related to the building including Health & Safety, LSC Stores and Shipping & Receiving, link to FoM room booking and access to the building can be found here.

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Wing Managers


Each wing of the Life Sciences Centre building has a designated Wing Manager. They are responsible for overseeing the use of common equipment such as Autoclaves, dishwashers, ice machines and shared space as determined by each Research Group. They may also be contacted for new user training on the above shared equipment and access to research labs for maintenance and utility purposes.

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Here users will find downloadable resources such as templates and logos and mechanism to submit e-board and website announcements.

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