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Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and social distancing protocols, LSI Administration is operating remotely, and it is not possible to make in-person visits to our office. Please contact our office by email. 

The LSI is the largest life sciences institute in Canada, and among the best by any metric.

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LSI: Home to 16 Canada Research Chairs

Lectins’ dance about the SARS-COV-2 spike protein points to potential for new COVID-19 therapeutics

UBC-grown biotech companies lead global pandemic efforts

UBC Green Labs, the Life Sciences Centre and SPUD divert hundred of gel ice packs from the landfill

Cloud computing support accelerates COVID-19 vaccine improvements

UBC-led team captures first-ever X-ray images of critical SARS-COV-2 enzyme in action

Hallam Lab fellow Moritz Koch provokes cyanobacteria to produce large amounts of bioplastic

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