Spinoffs and Technology


This is a sample of our recently incorporated spinoffs. Like all startups, LSI spinoffs are looking for clients, collaborators and investors.


Acuitas Therapeutics

Acuitias Therapeutics

We are a biotechnology company that works with partners and customers to develop new or improved medicines based on our internationally recognized capabilities in nanotechnology-based pharmaceutical product development.


Contextual Genomics


We have launched a National Access Project for cancer testing. The project is designed to improve clinical practice by allowing medication selection on the basis of an individual’s genetic tumor profile. The test is for actionable mutations and designed to improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs.



Our vision is to improve care for individual patients through the use of genomic information. Our products will enable physicians and pharmacists to tailor advice to individuals using the GenXys clinical decision support systems in association with clinically effective genetic markers.


Integrated Nanotherapeutics

Our proprietary technologies are geared towards providing new nanomedicines that are unseen in the market and are both safe and effective to target diseases including cancers and diabetes.


IonsGate Preclinical Services Inc

IonsGate Preclinical Services Inc. is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in preclinical research services focused on cardiac safety pharmacology, drug discovery and ion channel research.



Koonkie Inc. is a bioinformatics consulting company that designs and provides scalable algorithmic and data analytics solutions in the cloud.


Microbiome Insights

Microbiome Insights is a Vancouver-based service company providing microbiome analysis for academic and industrial researchers.  We have the systems and expertise that you need to add cutting edge microbiome analysis to your study.

Molecular You

Molecular You combines comprehensive analysis of your molecular markers with big data analytics to profile your health at a level that has never before been possible.


Precision Nanosystems

Our technology enables manufacturing of novel nanoparticles that are used for cell-specific delivery of research tools, diagnostic imaging agents, and drugs to study, diagnose and treat disease. The technology enables development of nanomedicines faster and at lower cost.


Primary Peptides

We have developed the technology to identify critical regions of interacting proteins in cellular processes. Using this information, we have designed and engineered custom interference peptides to specifically block the interactions of particular pairs of proteins. With further modifications of this interference peptide technology, we can also reduce the level of any arbitrary protein within the cell, thus providing a new approach to therapeutics for several different diseases.