Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

students & post doctoral fellows

The LSI provides an exceptional and unique environment for graduate and undergraduate student training. Home to more than 250 graduate students in 12 different graduate programs in the Faculties of Science and Medicine, and over 150 post docs, LSI is the hub of life sciences research on UBC campus.

Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows


LSI recognizes that supporting young scientists is an investment in our future and fosters research education and collaboration at all levels through interdisciplinary graduate research programs, and advanced post-doctoral fellowship opportunities. All of the above opportunities aim to prepare the next generation of scientists to make life-changing discoveries in the environmental and health sciences. In addition to outstanding research environment, LSI is also home to the LSI Graduate Student Association and the Post Doc Association.

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Undergraduate Opportunities


Through various departmental and institutional programs, the LSI offers a range of undergraduate opportunities to gain practical, hands-on experience in the laboratory, giving students the experience of working at the bench alongside renowned scientists as they conduct exciting, ground-breaking research into infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and the immune responses that protect us against pathogens and cancer.

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