Wing Managers

Wing Managers

Each wing of the Life Sciences Centre building has a designated Wing Manager. They are responsible for overseeing the use of common equipment such as autoclaves, dishwashers, ice machines and shared space as determined by each Research Group. They may also be contacted for new user training on the above shared equipment and access to research labs for maintenance and utility purposes.

Jodene Eldstrom

2nd Floor | 2W
Room 2303
P: 604-822-0038

John Nomellini

2nd & 3rd Floors | 1E, 2C, 2E & 3E
Room 2508
P: 604-822-6982

Bharat Joshi

3rd Floor | 3W & 3C
Room 3404
P: 604-822-7329

Kerryn Matthews

4th Floor | 4W & 4C
Room 4367
P: 778-871-7636

Gord Stewart

4th Floor | 4E
Room 4520
P: 604-822-5646

George Brownrigg

5th Floor | 5W
Room 5359
P: 604-827-3102

Sarah Baldry

5th Floor | 5E & 5C
Room 5540
P: 604-822-1239