Sustainability at LSI

At the LSI, we encourage all of our members to think sustainably, and minimize their environmental impacts wherever possible.

Sustainability resources and initiatives at LSI:

LSC Recyclopedia: Recycling and Non-Hazardous Waste Management

Chill Up/Freezer Challenge

Dry Ice Recycling

Glass Pipette Racks for Dishwashers

*NEW* Lab Plastics Recycling Program

*NEW* Amber Glass Recycling

*NEW* Mask and Glove Recycling

For information on sustainability at LSC, contact one of our Sustainability Coordinators, Reini or Nomo

Sustainability Features

Dr. Moritz KochExploring UBC’s Climate Action Plan 2030: what does it mean for the LSI? by Dr. Moritz Koch

UBC is bringing climate protection to action with a new plan that sets out ambitious targets for combatting climate change, including climate-neutral status on both of its campuses within nine years. Read more.

John Nomellini

UBC Green Labs, the Life Sciences Centre and SPUD divert hundreds of gel ice packs from the landfill
Hard- and soft-shell gel ice packs are used in deliveries to laboratories to keep materials cool during transport. Unfortunately, this process has led to a large accumulation of gel ice packs that have little use within UBC’s labs. Read more.