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Electronic Lab Notebooks at LSI

The LSI has teamed up with MSL to allow LSI labs to access an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) option that meets UBC’s privacy and security requirements.


Recorded Introduction & Demonstration Information:

Watch the recorded webinar

What is the cost?

The cost at current membership numbers is $258 / user / year but this cost will decrease as we increase lab membership.  Refer to this embedded table and graph photo for an idea of discounts as we grow membership.

Server Size (seats Annual Cost Per User Cost
50 $17,982 CAD $360
100 $25,849 CAD $258
200 $35,646 CAD $178
300* $53,162 CAD $178
500 $53,162 CAD $106

There is no 300-seat server option. The per user cost is based on utilizing 3/5 of seats on a 500 seat server. Graph shows USD as Bio-Itech bills UBC in USD.

 Other important notes:

  1. All members must have a FASMail email.
  2. Send new account requests including First Name, Last Name, and primary FASmail email address for each account to aryannah.rollinson@ubc.ca.
  3. Unpaid students (ie. undergraduates) must sign a FIPPA waiver and have a sponsored CWL with FASmail email to ensure their EAD and email link up for login purposes.
  4. Labs must commit to a fixed number of seats on the annual license. LSI will process cost recovery via Workday, to the worktag specified by the lab supervisor.
  5. All labs will have a group level admin assigned. These group admins are responsible for deactivating accounts of departing lab members, in order to free up a seat on the license and ensure seats are available for onboarding of new members.

Have more questions?

You can refer to the eLABJournal documentation for specific tutorial aspects and/or contact Aryannah.

eLABJournal Documentation: https://www.elabjournal.com/doc/QuickStartGuide.html

Rep contact information?

 Jim St.Pierre
Key Account Manager
c: +1(617) 645-8353

Division of Eppendorf, Inc.
100 Crossing Blvd Suite 110, Framingham, MA 01702, USA
1208 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 3, Cambridge, MA-02138, USA