Resources for Entrepreneurs

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Small businesses in British Columbia benefit from numerous federal and provincial programs providing support, education and undiluted funding to start-ups in innovation sectors. UBC offers an excellent infrastructure to further streamline spinning off a new Life Sciences company.


  • Curious about entrepreneurship? Want to grow your skill set?
  • Have a venture you want to register or interested in creating a profile as an entrepreneur?



The Ecosystem Services, Commercialization Platforms and Entrepreneurship (ECOSCOPE) industrial stream NSERC CREATE training program provides UBC students and post-docs with the skills needed to translate environmental sequence information derived from studying microbial communities in natural and engineered ecosystems into commercial and entrepreneurial activities. ECOSCOPE  increases capacity for highly qualified personnel (HQP) training in microbial ecology and biological engineering, allowing for team internships in start-up environments, and providing professional and entrepreneurial training to augment research skills and empower HQP to commercialize their innovations.

ECOSCOPE hosts both R and Software Carpentry workshops in the Life Sciences Institute during the academic year for students, postdocs and professionals. For more information on ECOSCOPE’s events, please visit their events webpage.