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We have many examples of successful life scientists who are also entrepreneurs in their own right. The LSI has a unique approach to commercializing innovations as it is not just the technologies that we focus on, rather we foster the spirit of commercialization, of providing career advancement of our post docs and graduate students. Numerous LSI graduates and post docs are currently CEOs of the companies founded by their PIs. By partnering with other UBC units, LSI offers comprehensive insight and support to our members who wish to start their own company. Please visit our commercialization section for more information if you have a research expertise and would like to pursue commercialization.

Cameron’s Story…

“Cameron Strachan, CEO and co-founder of MetaMixis inc., is passionate about synthetic biology. After graduating top student in microbiology at UBC, he worked to develop technologies for high-throughput genetic engineering. He then, alongwith Professor Steven Hallam from LSI, co-founded MetaMixis Inc., which engineers bacteria from the products of renewable specialty chemicals. Cameron is now working to grow MetaMixis and hopes the company will one day have a dramatic impact on sustainable manufacturing.” Metamixis has been selected to participate in the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, managed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Services. Cameron is using this opportunity to engage companies in California, and potentially bring some of the collaborations back to Canada.”

– Cameron Strachan | CEO and co-founder of MetaMixis inc.