COVID-19 and LSI — Administrative and Research Services Information

Updated March 25, 2020 11:30 AM


LSI Support and Services during research curtailment

Updated: March 24, 2020

Following UBC guidelines for social distancing and curtailment of research activities please note the following changes to LSI services:


LSI HR, Finance, Operations, and other administrative support will be working remotely for a three-week pilot period until April 15th. If you need to contact any of our administrative staff, please email.

Grants Facilitation and Communications team will be working, full-time, remotely during the period of curtailment. Please contact Richa Anand for enquiries related to grants and Bethany Becker for communications.


In response to COVID-19, the university is curtailing on-campus research and creative scholarship activities. The research community is now directed to work remotely. Principal Investigators should suspend all other research and creative scholarship on the university campuses and implement plans to operate remotely by end of day on Tuesday March 24. This curtailment is in effect until April 15, 2020 and may be extended.

Individual researchers may, however, apply for a critical research exemption to continue on-campus research. Please click here for details.

Information for labs with research exemption

LSI’s Scientific and Core facilities will try to provide access to all trained researchers who have a critical research exemption approved by the VP Research + Innovation. Please connect directly with the contacts provided below. Also, please note reduced hours for Stores, and Shipping and Receiving. 


ASTRIDNatalie Strynadkancjs@mail.ubc.caOpen with access to trained users
Bioinformatics Stephane Flibottestephane.flibotte@ubc.caWorking remotely
FINDERLindsay Eltisleltis@mail.ubc.caOpen
Dean Airey
ImagingRobert Nabiivan.robert.nabi@ubc.caAccess to trained users
FLOW Andy Johnsonandy@brc.ubc.caEquipment available
High Throughput Tom Pfeifertpfeifer@mail.ubc.caClosed; Consultation via email available
QPCRAaron Blair Bogutzaaron.bogutz@ubc.caQPCR equipment available
CryostorageAaron Blair Bogutzaaron.bogutz@ubc.caAvailable
WorkshopAdam Suenadam.suen@ubc.caClosed
LSI StoresRod Hanningrod.hanning@ubc.ca8am-2pm  


LSC Shipping and Receiving: This service is available for the time being, moving to reduced hours, and being assessed on a weekly basis by LSC Operations.

LSC OperationsSophia
Available remotely

LSI Wing Managers and Ivona Kozieradzki will help monitor freezers* and top-up Liquid Nitrogen** Dewars of laboratories that have suspended their research.

Information for labs that have suspended their research for the curtailment period

John Nomellini1E, 2C, 2E,
Bharat Joshi3C,
Travis Webber5C,


* Please note: During their runs through the LSI, if a wing manager finds that a freezer (-80C or -20C) is malfunctioning and requires transfer of goods to a spare freezer, the wing manager will first try to contact and notify the owner of that freezer. If the owner has an exemption to enter the LSI, we hope that s/he will come in to help with the transfer. Otherwise, the wing manager, hopefully with help from on-site scientists, will do the best s/he can in doing the transfer. Ed Conway expects to be available for backup help and to facilitate decision-making.

** Liquid Nitrogen: PIs are ultimately responsible for their own cell storage. Ideally, and in line with social distancing, research groups should coordinate with the local wing manager to fill dewars on a regular basis.  If you have problems finding your wing manager, please contact Ivona (604 827 5320) or Ed Conway (778 960 7617).

Other Services

Campus Mail: Campus mail will be delivered to shipping and receiving. One person from LSI Administration will collect and sort this mail once a week. For information please contact

Reception: LSI Reception will remain closed for the duration of curtailment. We ask that students, staff, and faculty contact our offices by email

LSC/Building Operations: LSC building perimeter doors will be programmed to weekend/holiday mode with card access only starting Mar 24th at 7am. Please carry your access card at all times. Starting Wednesday Mar 25th, only personnel with exemption should enter the building.

Sophia Wang604-928-6655
LSC Security604-822-3734
Campus Security604-822-2222
Building Ops Trouble Call604-822-2173

Health and Safety: Please click here for lab safety protocols (to log in to mednet please use your cwl’ for username please use EAD\cwl name. Then enter your cwl password)

Pierre Tanguay604-827-4127
UBC Safety and Risk604-822-2029

Other useful contacts outside LSI

Human Research EthicsLaurel Evans
Animal CareMichelle Tan
Plant CareMelina Biron
Sponsored research agreementsMario Kasapi
Advanced Research ComputingSteve Cundy
All other questionsHelen Burt

Health links outside UBC

UBC Safety and Risk Services:

BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC):


World Health Organization (WHO):