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In our lab we study Morphogenesis and Cell Junctions. Broadly speaking our work combines three important fields of biology: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, and Genetics. Our lab does basic research, we want to find out the fundamental mechanisms that operate in nature. Nonetheless our work does have clear medical relevance because understanding the basic processes the regulate life is essential to developing better treatments for diseases. In our lab we are committed to using a Multidisciplinary approach. We are systems biologists and employ a wide array of techniques from genetics, genomics, cell biology, high resolution and quantitative imaging, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, mathematical and theoretical biology, and many other fields.

The main question our lab seeks to answer is this:

How are tissues and organs built over the course of development and how their complex structure is maintained throughout the life of an organism.

Our lab studies three main things: A family of proteins called Integrins that help cells stick in place, the role of cell junctions in stem cell biology, how muscles function is maintained throughout the life of an organism.

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H.BSc. in Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology, University of Toronto (1996)
PhD in Zoology, University of Toronto
Postdoc, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Postdoc, University of Toronto


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