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Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved pathway that encapsulates large objects to be degraded in a double-membrane vesicle called the autophagosome and targeting this cargo to the lysosome for breakdown. Defects in autophagy have been implicated in many human diseases, ranging from neurodegenerative disorders (eg. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS), cancer, and infections by microbial pathogens. Our research program seeks to obtain a comprehensive understanding the fundamental molecular mechanisms of autophagy and through the knowledge gain identified suitable molecular targets for therapeutic intervention. More specifically, our research team uses cutting edge single-particle electron microscopy molecular imaging, yeast genetics, and other biochemical and biophysical approaches to characterize the molecular functions of the specialized group of proteins called Atg proteins that mediate the different steps of autophagy.


Knowledge and Technology Translation

2014/9 Committee Member, Research Uptake Strategies
Participate in a new initiative to establish a pan-Canadian
autophagy research network to enhance cross-disciplinary, collaborative
research and engagement with clinicians and other potential end-users of

2011/8 Member, Technology, Product, Process, Service Improvement Development
As a member of the Network of Canadian expert in cryo-EM
technology that was established to facilitate the introduction and application of
cutting edge molecular imaging technology methods to the Canadian biomedical
research community.

2011/1 Leader, Technology, Product, Process, Service Improvement Development
Introduce single-particle electron microscopy (EM)
molecular imaging method to the BC biomedical research community through
obtaining CFI/BCKDF funding to establish core infrastructure, co-directing
the UBC LSI transmission electron microscopy facility, developing a training
program on this technology suitable for non-specialist, and co-leading a CFI
Innovation Fund 2015 application to leverage for more advanced electron
microscopy for high-resolution molecular imaging.


2012 CIHR New Investigator Award

2011 Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Career Investigator Award

2009 CIHR Jean-Fran├žois St-Denis Prize

2006 Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund Fellowship

2006 Lionel E. McLeod Health Research Scholarship


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