Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Opportunities

LSI undergraduate opportunities enable students to contribute to projects with real life applications, which will enhance their understanding of science, expose them to a range of scientific careers, help them develop the practical skills they need to pursue high-level research, make them competitive for graduate and career opportunities in science, and contribute to the enhancement of scientific knowledge and the BC research sector. Undergraduate opportunities in the LSI exist through the following programs:


Department Directed Studies

Undergraduate students have unique opportunities to participate in life sciences research, under the direct supervision of faculty members, when they enroll in these courses (BIOL448, BIOC448, MICB448A, B and C). These 3 or 6 credit courses are designed to help students develop skills essential to carrying out independent research and lab work. A directed studies project provides students with valuable experience in writing up and analyzing experimental results. It also gives undergraduates the chance to interact with faculty members, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff members in a laboratory setting.


Honours Thesis

(e.g. BIOL449, MICB449, BIOC449, PHYL449) give undergraduate students a special research experience taking a project from inception, through data gathering, data analysis and interpretation, all the way to the writing of an honours thesis and oral defense of the project. These 6 credit courses are coupled with additional informational courses that are part of the honours program in the selected discipline. As with Directed Studies experiences, students have special opportunities to interact directly with faculty, staff, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in a research laboratory setting.



Special opportunities are available for undergraduate students to work on short-term research projects in laboratories within the LSI and receive a stipend to support their time working on the project. Please contact Principal Investigators directly to enquire about opportunities in their laboratories.

Featured Undergraduate Opportunity


Fisher Scientific Award

The Fisher Scientific Summer Studentship Award supports summer students who are focused on biomedical science and provides successful applicants with an exciting, hands-on opportunity to spend four months in research labs and clinics in their field of interest.

2016 Recipients

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Phoebe Ng                   Marcus Narsaiya            Jessica Jiang                   Jennifer Wildi

Phoebe Ng – Dr. Joanne Weinberg Lab

Ng is a 3rd Year student in UBC’s Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology. A very active volunteer, Ng’s past work includes being St. Paul’s Hospital’s Colorectal Surgery Research Coordinator. Her project title is “Additive Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Early Life Adversity on Adult Immune Function.” – Read Ng’s Project Abstract

Marcus Narsaiya – Dr. Elizabeth Rideout Lab

A repeat winner of this award, Narsaiya is completing a BSc in Kinesiology at UBC. His project is entitled “Sex-Specific Regulation of the Insulin Pathway.” – Read Narsaiya’s Project Abstract

Jessica Jiang – Dr. Lindsay Eltis Lab

Jiang is a Dean’s Honour Roll student in UBC’s BSc – Pharmacology program. She is very active in the local healthcare sector. Jiang’s project title is “Understanding and Targeting Cholesterol Catabolism in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.” – Read Jiang’s Project Abstract

Jennifer Wildi – Dr. James D. Johnson Lab

An Honours student in UBC’s Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences, Wildi is also a talented musician and athlete. Her project title is “Lost in Translation: How Pancreatic Beta-cells Save Themselves from Stress.” – Read Wildi’s Project Abstract


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