LSI researchers awarded over $9.3 million in CFI infrastructure funding

Three projects led by LSI researchers have been awarded funding in the latest round of CFI innovation fund grants.

The CFI Innovation Fund provides continued investments in infrastructure, across the full spectrum of research, from the most fundamental to applied through to technology development. A total of ten projects led by UBC researchers have been awarded $36 million in the latest round of funding, with UBC researchers also collaborating on projects led by other institutions. Projects led by LSI researchers Leonard Foster, James Johnson, Elizabeth Rideout, and Natalie Strynadka received a total of over $9.3 million in funding.

Projects include:

  • Transformative and disruptive systems immunology
    • Principal Investigators: Leonard Foster (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology & LSI Director)
    • Funding total: $2,491,654
  • Improved Pre-clinical modeling of metabolic resilience for novel diabetes and obesity therapeutics
    • Principal Investigators: James Johnson (Cellular & Physiological Sciences) and Elizabeth Rideout (Cellular & Physiological Sciences)
    • Funding total: $6,838,943
  • TRaC: Therapies for Rare Cancers

Congratulations Dr. Foster, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Rideout, and Dr. Strynadka!

Sources: UBC Faculty of Medicine and Canada Foundation for Innovation