CIHR Project Grant Competition Spring 2019, Funded Projects

Congratulations to LSI PIs who were funded in the Spring 2019 Competition.


Elucidating and disrupting the neural substrates of fear memory

Principal Investigator: Mark S. Cembrowski
Amount awarded: $963,900

Role of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 (PDK1) in triglyceride metabolism and heart health

Principal Investigator: Susanne M. Clee
Amount awarded: $807,076

Epigenetic regulation and function of species-specific imprinted genes: testing a new hypothesis for the evolution of imprinting

Principal Investigator: Louis Lefebvre
Amount awarded: $956,250

The role of histone methylation in guiding de novo DNA methylation in the male germline

Principal Investigator: Matthew C. Lorincz
Amount awarded: $753,526

Discovery of novel WNT signaling mechanisms from the study of human genetic disease in two animal models

Principal Investigator: Joy M. Richman
Amount awarded: $819,506

Targeting ovarian carcinoma using the cell surface glycoprotein podocalyxin

Principal Investigator: Calvin D. Roskelley and Kelly M. McNagny
Amount awarded: $963,900

Control of B cell receptor (BCR) spatial organization, BCR signaling, and B cell activation by proteins that regulate actin remodeling

Principal Investigator: Michael R. Gold
Amount awarded: $100,000 (Bridge Grant)