Josef Penninger to join UBC as Canada 150 Research Chair in Functional Genetics and LSI Director

Excerpt from UBC News: Top researchers join UBC as Canada 150 Research Chairs

Josef Penninger will be the Canada 150 Research Chair in Functional Genetics and director of the Life Sciences Institute when he arrives at UBC in December. As a functional geneticist and founding scientific director of the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Penninger’s research is focused on understanding the complex mechanisms of how diseases develop, particularly in cardiovascular, autoimmune and bone diseases, and cancers. His work has shed light on a key regulator of bone loss that impacts millions of people, as well as key genes that control pain and inflammation in autoimmune disease and heart diseases.

“I have always been captivated with trying to figure out the vital mechanisms that control how our bodies work and how disease develops,” said Penninger. “Uncovering the architecture and fundamental biological mechanisms of human disease is key to developing new and effective treatment strategies. I look forward to continuing this work at UBC.”

Penninger’s Austrian Academy of Sciences laboratory will remain active, creating new opportunities for collaboration between the two institutions.

For more information about the Canada 150 Research Chairs Program, click here.

Video: Meet Canada 150 Research Chair Josef Martin Penninger (published by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)