New LSI Gallery Attracts A Crowd

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, the UBC Life Sciences Institute officially opened its new LSI Gallery during a reception in LSC West Atrium attended by 150 guests and hosted by Director Dr. Pieter Cullis.

The LSI Gallery is essentially most of the walls of LSC Colonnade, where 20 framed photographs taken by 18 talented researchers from LSI labs are currently on display as part of the Gallery‘s inaugural exhibition, “Under the Lens”. This exhibition will run from June 2016 to April 2017, at which time a new exhibition will open. The Gallery serves to shine a spotlight on the important work everyone is doing at the LSI.

The photos were taken using advanced equipment funded from the various grants (nearly $40M last year) the LSI receives from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), CIHR, Genome BC and other generous supporters. The images reflect research done at the LSI to find cures for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular issues and other diseases.

The researchers in this year’s exhibition are: Fabian Garces, Madison Bolger-Munro, Ali Asadi, Samir Das, Till Matzat, Mriga Das, Piyushkumar Kapopara, Angela Liou, Antoine Dufour, Bernd Gardill, Libin Abraham, Catherine Cowan, Jia Wang, Preety Panwar, Thomas Dixon-McDougall, Manu Kalathottukaren, Guang Gao and Houra Loghmani khouzani.