LSI Imaging

LSI Imaging

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LSI Imaging is a core research imaging facility of the Life Sciences Institute with state of the art fluorescence microscopy equipment. Applications include FRET, FRAP, TIRF and high throughput content screening (small molecule and siRNA).

It provides access, user training and technical assistance for super-resolution microscopy, confocal microscopy (point laser scanning or spinning disk), high throughput imaging and image deconvolution, 3D reconstruction and quantitative analysis.

LSI Imaging is a virtual facility. Microscopy equipment is located in proximity to expertise and access coordinated through a centralized website. Our goal is to facilitate access to equipment, promote the exchange of expertise and enable quality science.

Our imaging systems include advanced widefield fluorescence microscopes, spinning disk confocal- and laser scanning confocal microscopes, as well as automated systems for high content fluorescence analysis.

I. Robert Nabi
Phone: 604-822-7000

Guang Gao (Facility Manager)
Phone: 604-827-3946

Timothy Wong (Assistant Facility Manager)
Phone: 604-827-3946

Bharat Joshi (Finance Manager)
Phone: 604-822-7329

Signing up and accessing the microscopes
Register for an iLab account:

After signing up, please login and find our facility (Life Sciences Institute Imaging), then initiate a training request under “Request Services” tab. Then please email Guang Gao ( “your name”, “service id”, and training (Scanning confocal, Spinning disk, GSD or STED) you requested.

To learn more about each imaging system and for booking time on the instruments login to:
or click the links below

Imaging systems at the LSI (with online booking)

Confocal microscopes

III spinning disk confocal microscope (LSI3-III)
Fluoview FV1000 laser scanning microscope (LSI3-FV1000-inverted)

Super-resolution microscopes

Leica Ground State Depletion followed by Individual Molecule return (GSDIM) microscope (LSIB3-GSD)
Leica TCS SP8 laser scanning confocal and Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) microscope (LSIB3-STED)

Widefield/TIRF microscopes

Olympus CELL^TIRF – motorized multicolour TIRF microscope (LSI3-TIRF)

High content fluorescence analysis

Cellomics Arrayscan VTI (LSI5-VTI)

Image analysis workstation

WS1 with Image-Pro Plus, Slidebook and ImageJ (LSI3-WS1)
WS2 for super-resolution image analysis with Imaris Software (LSIB3-WS2)

Additional imaging systems at the LSI (contact indicated individual if you like to use a system)

High content fluorescence analysis

Universal Imaging Corporation, Discovery-1

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

7 Tesla MRI scanner

Widefield microscopes

Widefield microscope with PTI illumination system, for live cell imaging
Widefield microscope with III FRET/FLIM, for live cell imaging
Widefield microscopes for ratiometric [ion]i and/or electrophysiology measurements