Opportunites to Give

Opportunities to Give

Investment in the LSI supports leading-edge multidisciplinary research, the recruitment and training of scientists and clinical practitioners, and the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment – all of which ultimately lead towards improved treatment of major diseases and an improved ability to maintain wellness.

The LSI is working to train and inspire the next generation of medical researchers and to provide them with the tools necessary to make an impact. Your help is urgently needed to help life sciences students progress and achieve their goals.


Student Support

Now more than ever, students in the life sciences need practical information and hands-on experience to become the leading researchers of tomorrow. From high school to post-graduate students, each individual requires resources to take the next step in scientific advancement. As high school students face daunting questions about the future, real-world experience in an active science environment gives them a broader understanding of what a career in the sciences entails. As undergraduate students, interns, graduate students, and trainees embark on groundbreaking projects to discover treatments and potential cures, these students flourish with access to internships, modern labs and facilities, student awards, and the funding to work alongside renowned scientists.

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