Existing Partnerships

Existing Partnerships

UBC’s world class expertise in Life Sciences, cutting edge equipment, strong clinical integration, flexible IP policies and low overhead create an attractive value proposition and foster numerous industrial collaborations. LSI researchers are working with both local and global industrial partners and over 80 of our technologies have been successfully commercialized. Here are just a few recent stories.

Novo Nordisk Diabetes Innovation Award to support James Johnson’s research on obesity and diabetes

James Johnson, Associate Professor in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, won a $625,000 grant from Novo Nordisk to pursue research that could upend conventional notions about the interplay between insulin, obesity and diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that enables glucose to be stored by muscle and fat cells, but there is still much […]

Science meets Legend in Kisolite: Dr. Julian Davies studies the efficacy of the new skin care from Kisameet

250 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and far away from marine detritus or industrial contaminates common to tidal clay and mud on the market today, is a large inventory of pure colloidal glacial clay called the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit. Thought by geoscientists to be formed near the end of the last Ice […]