Three LSI Cores receive UBC Research Facilities Support Grants

LSI’s ¬†Proteomics Core Facility, UBCcytof and the LSI Imaging Facility were notified today that funding proposals seeking support for Core operations and services provided to LSI researchers, the UBC community and beyond.

A proposal on behalf of the Proteomics Core, submitted by Dr. Leonard Foster, a proposal on behalf of UBCcytof, submitted by Dr. Pauline Johnson, and a proposal on behalf of the LSI Imaging Facility submitted by Dr. Robert Nabi all made a successful passage through an interdisciplinary panel consisting of internal and external reviewers, who reviewed the 42 applications (totaling over $1.7M in requests) received for the competition. Each application received three independent peer reviews. Success rate for this competition was 40%.

Congratulations to the PI leads, our Core managers Jason Rogalski, Andy Johnson and Guang Gao, and to Grant and Science Writer Nina Maeshima.