Nov. 15, 2016 LSI Public Talk

An LSI Public Talk

The latest LSI Public Talk was held on Nov. 15 at The Annex. It involved a discussion with a panel of experts who explained what personalized medicine tells you about your potential for heart health issues, and how doctors and researchers in British Columbia are collaborating to identify your risks, detect early warning signs and deliver individualized treatments.


The Event Featured Expert Panelists:

Dr. Andrew Krahn, Sauder Family and Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiology

Dr. Krahn focused on how research is moving towards large scale use of genetic information to help understand population health and the use of genetic information in everyday care of patients with common conditions like high BP, stroke, heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Filip Van Petegem, Professor, UBC Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Dr. Van Petegem explained the scientific side of things, using a case study and detailed animations. He showed how the brain’s ion channels and receptors work and how mutations can potentially lead to a stroke.

Dr. Andrew Penn, Director, Stroke Rapid Assessment Unit, Victoria General Hospital


Dr. Penn spoke on how studying multiple proteins concurrently can help physicians quickly and clearly identify patients with warning signs of stroke, without waiting for the results of overburdened neuro-imaging tests.



Elaine Yong, Senior Communications Specialist, Media Relations, for Providence Healthcare



Dr. Pieter Cullis, Director, UBC Life Sciences Institute

For more information on heart health, please visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s website:

For those interested the discussion document entitled Roadmap for Bringing Personalized Medicine to British Columbians is available for download here {PDF}.


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