Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows, an integral part of the LSI community, make an indelible contribution to furthering its mission. As research trainees, Postdoctoral Fellows also have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their chosen fields.LSI is the hub for life sciences research on UBC campus.

Our 87 research labs, 9 Research Groups and over 10 Personalized Medicine Projects along with average $40 million in research funding enables over 100 postdoctoral fellows to pursue research opportunities. In addition, all our trainees have access to additional career opportunities through our unique approach to commercializing innovations. Numerous LSI graduates and post docs are currently CEOs of the companies founded by their PIs. By partnering with other UBC units, LSI offers comprehensive insight and support to our members who wish to start their own company.


Ana’s Story…

“When I started my postdoc I had a vague idea of wanting to go into drug discovery. My choice of the LSI, and my particular PI, turned out to be key for me to understand what I wanted and how to get there. Scientifically, the LSI sits at the center of a very exciting academic and biotech hub, where I had access to any technique or expert I ever needed. That certainly made my research career much easier. More importantly, I got exposed to entrepreneurship, a side of me I could explore through my volunteering with the UBC postdoc association, which was created precisely at the LSI. It was also then that I discovered a passion for advocacy. I went on to get the job that I wanted, an industry position as a lab head back in Europe. Five years later, I have my own company and head the research department of a non-profit patient organization. My daily work is a mix of science, entrepreneurship and advocacy, much of which I discovered at the LSI.”

– Ana Mingorance-Le Meur PhD | Scientific Director, Dravet Syndrome Foundation


Postdoctoral Association (PDA)

The UBC Postdoctoral Association is an interdisciplinary group of postdoctoral fellows and research associates at UBC. The mission of the UBC PDA is to enhance the academic experience and encourage peer engagement at the University of British Columbia. Since 2006, our executive team has working closely with the UBC Faculty of Graduate Students and Postdoctoral fellow, to represent all fellows and associates equally.
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