Grad Students

Graduate Students

The Life Sciences Institute provides a stimulating environment for graduate research. Our faculty is internationally recognized in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune responses, infectious disease, cancer biology, developmental disorders, bacterial regulation, neuroscience, structural biology, and molecular epigenetics. Vancouver provides a rich scientific environment and many opportunities for interactions with departments and medical research institutes. In addition to having access to state of the art infrastructure and unique opportunities for collaboration, LSI trainees also have access to outstanding facilities for microscopy, flow cytometry, high throughput screening, and animal models.


Graduate Programs

The LSI is home to the interdisciplinary graduate program in Cell and Developmental Biology, as well as the departmental graduate programs in Microbiology and Immunology,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Medical Genetics. Home to approximately 300 graduate students in 12 different graduate programs in the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Dentistry, LSI graduate students are accepted through departmental programs and complete their research in a supervising faculty member’s lab. Admission to these graduate programs require meeting the common minimum academic requirements established by the UBC Faculty of Graduate and Post Doctoral Studies (link to plus any additional program requirements.

One of the major requirements for a research based MSc or PhD is having a research supervisor.Please refer to the program websites or email the program’s coordinators for more information.


Grad Student Association

The Life Sciences Institute Graduate Students Association (LSI-GSA) was initiated by students and faculty in 2006. The goal of the GSA is to enhance the training experience of LSI graduate students. This is done by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to share student-generated research
  • Providing networking opportunities to promote collaborations both on and off campus
  • Facilitating outreach events between graduate students and the community
  • Representing graduate students by active involvement on the LSI Steering Committee
  • Being accessible to all students within the LSI to address concerns appropriately

The LSI-GSA executive are graduate student volunteers from multiple departments and research groups, who represent the 300 PhD and Masters students that work at the Life Sciences Institute.
Annual events include CSI@LSI, Research Day and Geek Olympiad.


Kevin’s Story…

“The LSI was a great research and training environment (e.g., a cutting edge imaging core, open research space that fostered collaborations, research groups for discussions and support) for my PhD degree. It enabled a lot of accomplishments that I don’t think would have been possible without its formation. At the LSI, I was also exposed to a breadth of top class scientific research by its resident faculty and visiting scholars, which lead me to pursue a postdoc at the BC Cancer Research Centre studying hematopoiesis and leukemia. After this clinical research exposure and hearing of the LSI’s new initiative on “personalized medicine,” I decided it was a good time to transition into a non-academic role to support and further develop LSI’s translational activities. Now as the Collaborative Research Officer, I work on securing funding for major and special LSI projects such as a new CFI project, “Platform for Integrated Omics and Phenotyping.” My job requires technical writing, communications, and management skills that were developed in part at the LSI.”

– Kevin Lin PhD | Collaborative Research Office, LSI