Roadmap for Personalized Medicine in BC

Healthcare systems worldwide are currently in a state of creative disruption and stress. On one hand, there is a revolution occurring due to extremely rapid technological advances that enable detailed molecular profiling of individuals to achieve more precise diagnoses of disease and to more accurately match therapies to the individual. This is known as personalized medicine, precision medicine, or molecular medicine. On the other hand, the healthcare system is under increasing strain as health-related spending reaches unsustainable levels due in large part to an aging population. It is imperative to align the innovative potential of personalized medicine with healthcare needs to generate benefits for patients, the healthcare system, and the economy. Efforts to achieve such alignment are gaining momentum worldwide. Health economies internationally are investing heavily in ways to implement personalized medicine because there is a clear opportunity to develop healthcare delivery systems that result in improved patient outcomes and that are more efficient and cost-effective.

British Columbia (BC) is well positioned to become an international leader in the practice of personalized medicine. BC has remarkable resources to build on, including a first-rate medical system, globally competitive expertise in molecular medicine technologies, and internationally recognized efforts in the implementation of personalized medicine approaches. Particular strengths include the treatment of: cancer, infectious disease, heart disease, lung disease, and neurological disorders. BC also has significant advantages arising from its single-payer system, including the potential availability of extensive population-wide longitudinal healthcare data that, when analyzed, would be of major value for advancing individualized medicine.

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