Personalized Medicine



Increasingly inexpensive genomic technologies are now being introduced to identify genetic variants, inform preventative care and guide disease therapy. Emerging proteomic and metabolomic technologies can provide accurate diagnostics to monitor the wellness of organs in the body, to detect disease and to determine efficacious, non-toxic therapy. Developments in the relatively new areas of the epigenome and microbiome will provide additional insight into disease therapy and maintenance of wellness.

Healthcare is about to undergo a revolution as new technologies to predict, detect, monitor, and treat disease at the molecular level become available.

Implementation of healthcare based on the unique molecular makeup of each individual, commonly termed “personalized medicine”, has been demonstrated to allow effective preventative care, improve the safety (reduce adverse drug reactions), efficiency (only treat patients with medicines that work on them) and effectiveness (more accurate diagnoses, better matching of treatment to disease) of the healthcare system and has potential for reduced per capita costs and a dramatically improved patient and provider healthcare experience.

Early detection of disease risk and early intervention would dramatically improve health and decrease health costs. However, previous efforts have been hampered by a lack of strong science to guide intervention. Our effort will revolutionize effective prevention.


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