Director’s Message

Message from the Director

I took on the position as Director of the LSI in July, 2013 with three objectives in mind. The first is to maintain and improve on the extremely strong record of the LSI in basic life science research. UBC is ranked number 23 in the world in life science research (number one in Canada) by the London Times Higher Educational ranking system and the LSI is a major contributor to this standing. Under my direction basic life science research will continue to have the highest priority and every effort will be made to move the LSI and UBC into the top 10 in the world.

My second objective is to establish the LSI as a major force in translational research aimed at improving clinical practice through the introduction of personalized, molecularly-based medicine. This is being achieved by establishing more than 10 major projects in collaboration with leading clinicians that are aimed at changing clinical practice through the introduction of improved diagnostics to guide therapy. These projects, which are accessing non-traditional funding sources such as pharmaceutical companies, philanthropy and the healthcare system, have objectives of improving cancer care, drug prescription practices, diagnosis and treatment of autism, diabetes care, and diagnostics to guide cardiovascular therapy among others.

My third objective is to maintain and improve the record of the LSI in the commercialization of research. A particular ambition is to foster an environment where innovation results in the establishment of new companies to provide career paths for the scientists we train in BC and new industries to allow BC and Canada to compete in the rapidly growing healthcare and biotechnology sectors. A specific aim is to establish at least five new companies every year to develop and exploit the remarkable discoveries and talents made by LSI and UBC scientists.

To achieve our above ambitious goals, I have assembled a great team of motivated and self-driven individuals. Whether you would like to know more about our projects have a new technology and wish to license it or are interested in joining our team, I encourage you to contact us.