CIHR Project Grant Competition Funded Projects, Spring 2018

Congratulations to our LSI PIs who were funded in the Spring 2018 CIHR Project Grant Competition.

The role of the palmitoylating enzyme, DHHC9, in the formation and function of neuronal connections

Principal Investigator: Shernaz Bamji
Amount awarded: $1,097,776

The how and and why of cholesterol catabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Principal Investigator: Lindsay Eltis
Amount awarded: $879,750

Regulation of antiviral T cells by the intestinal epithelium

Principal Investigator: Lisa Osborne
Amount awarded: $830,026

Muscle excitation-contraction coupling and malignant hyperthermia

Principal Investigator: Filip Van Petegem
Amount awarded: $944,776

Caveolin-1 regulation of focal adhesion tension and the breast cancer cell response to matrix stiffness

Principal Investigator: Ivan Robert Nabi
Amount awarded: $100,000