Dr. James Johnson Wins CDA’s Young Scientist Award

The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) presented awards to more than 20 researchers and health-care professionals at their 19th annual Professional Conference and Annual Meetings in Ottawa. The awards honour those in the health-care field whose work has made a significant impact in the areas of diabetes research, management or care.

“The CDA congratulates all of our professional award winners,” says Jovita Sundaramoorthy, vice president, research and education. “We are proud to honour all of our recipients for their outstanding contributions, which help support improved treatment and care for people living with diabetes across Canada.”

This year’s award recipients span across several different professional expertise including those who have been working in the area of diabetes for more than 30 years to those who are in the earlier stages of their diabetes career.

The LSI’s Dr. James Johnson was awarded the CDA’s  Young Scientist Award. The Young Scientist Award recognizes outstanding research conducted in Canada by young scientists in the field of diabetes.  Dr. Johnson is an expert in the fundamental biology of diabetes and related conditions and he is the author of more than 110 peer-reviewed articles since 2000. His research focuses on multiple themes, including: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, neuroscience, pancreatic cancer, and longevity.

Pictured in photo above left: Dr. Bruce Verchere, Dr. Johnson, Jovita Sundaramoorthy and Dr. Philip Sherman. Photographer: Greg Teckles.

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