First Annual LSI Startup Competition

Held on February 9, 2016, 7 LSI teams vied for $10,000 in prizes at the First Annual LSI Startup Competition.


The top three teams were:


1stplace-winners-carbonet-for-web1st Place: Carbonet

Carbonet is a technology company focused on targeted removal of environmental contaminants through nanotechnology. They aim to provide secondary clean-up measures that can remove toxic heavy metals as well as hydrocarbon contaminants from industrial waste water.

Team: Craig Kerr, John Young, Allan Mills, Michael Carlson, Ryan Buchanan

Prize: $1,500 plus an additional $3,500 if they form a company by Aug. 31, 2016.


2nd-Place-Rhyme-for-web2nd Place: RhYme Biotechnology

RhYme Biotechnology aims to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the dynamic cosmetic industry. Their microbial technology transforms renewable biomass to cost-effective specialty oils.

Team: James Round, Raphael Roccor

Prize: $1,000 plus an additional $2,000 if they form a company by Aug. 31, 2016.

Learn more: RhYme Biotechnology interview


3rd-place_Cansor-for-web3rd Place: Cansor Diagnostics

The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test saves lives of prostate cancer patients, but it is far from perfect at diagnosing prostate cancer. At Cansor Diagnostics, they are working to develop the ‘best’ diagnostic assays to biomarkers that truly reflect a test that is prostate-cancer specific!

Team: Joe Ho, Julia Varela

Prize: $500 plus an additional $1,500 if they form a company by Aug. 31, 2016.


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Other Teams that Competed:

(in alphabetical order):


BPCS (Bioimaging and Protein Expression Consulting Services)

BPCS is a scientific consulting company that provides and develops solutions in bioimaging and customized protein synthesis services.

Team: Raika Pancaroglu, Parisa Asghari


MJB Science

Based on the latest discovery from interdisciplinary research, MJB Science develops novel pesticides to target a broad-spectrum of pests that show strong resistance to existing popular pesticides. We intend to provide more effective and safer pest management with our cutting-edge technologies.

Team: Michael Yuchi, Jerry You, Ben Lai


MJM Diagnostics

Prosthetic joint infections can lead to joint failure and serious morbidity and mortality while being difficult to diagnose. Our team is commercializing a highly sensitive biomarker-based diagnostic tool to identify the infectious bacteria.

Team: Jason Grigg, Meghan Verstraete, Mariko Ikehata



PubLab is an open source project using a community based approach to provide credible biomedical protocols and consultations. We revolutionize the way researchers produce and communicate protocols, making it the best place to create, keep track of and collaborate on biomedical protocols and to gain access to the most needed cutting edge consultations.

Team: Sheng Liu, Wenqiang Shi, Vinodha Chetty


Thanks to our Sponsors for their generous support:

Johnson & Johnson Innovation

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National Sciences and Engineering Research Council


StemCell Technologies                   Michael Smith Foundation

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Precision Nanosystems                  Northern Lipids Inc.

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A big thank you to our Judges for reviewing the teams’ business plans and pitches and for their detailed feedback:

Bojana Turic, Entrepreneur in Residence, Cross Pacific Capital Partners (XPCP)
James Taylor, Co-founder and CEO, Precision NanoSystems, Inc.
Jennifer Hamilton, Senior Director, New Ventures (Canada), Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Lynsey Huxham, Technology Transfer Manager, UBC UILO
Mark Brown, Senior Scientist, R&D, STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.
Paul Drohan, CEO and President, Life Sciences BC

Many thanks to our Partners and Mentors, for leading a series of workshops in preparation for this competition and for individually coaching the teams:

Alison Dendoff, Manager, New Programs, Genome BC
Bojana Turic, Entrepreneur in Residence at Cross Pacific Capital Partners (XPCP)
Eric Atkinson, Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA), NRC-IRAP
Jeff Morton, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Pamela Giberson, Research and Innovation Development Officer, NSERC
Pat Brady, Director, Industry Innovation Programs, Genome BC
Sean Lumb, Director New Ventures, entrepreneurship@UBC
Sherry Zhao, Business Development Specialist, Mitacs
Andre Marziali, Founder and CSO, Boreal Genomics
Blair Simonite, Program Director, entrepreneurship@UBC
Gabe Kalmar, VP Entrepreneurship and Commercialization, Genome BC
Lynsey Huxham, Technology Transfer Manager, UBC UILO
Michael Murphy, Professor, UBC Microbiology & Immunology
Peter Payne, Director, Programs, BCTIA
Rob Takeuchi, President, Symbiosis Management Group, Inc.
Tom Urban, Founder, Agribusiness Advisors