Research Day 2015

LSI Graduate Students Association Research Day took place on Friday, March 6, 2015.

Centre for Blood Research Keynote

Angiopoietins Tie’d Together in Vascular Disease: An ‘Eye-opening’ Story
Susan Quaggin, MD
Director, Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute
Chief, Division of Medicine-Nephrology
Professor in Medicine-Nephrology
Northwestern University, Chicago

Diabetes Research Group Keynote

Controlling intestinal stem cell fate by DNA methylation and mesenchymal signalling
Klaus Kaestner
Thomas and Evelyn Suor Butterworth Professor in Genetics
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


9:30-11:30am – Trainee talks – Schedule (PDF)
11:30-12:30pm in LSC3 – Keynote speaker – Klaus Kaestner
12:30-1:30pm in West Atrium – Lunch
1:30-2:30pm in LSC3 – Keynote speaker – Susan Quaggin
3:00-7:00pm in West Atrium – Poster session/beer garden

Award Winners

Junior Graduate Students:
1st: Andrew Cottle – Cullis lab
Runner-Up: Fabian Garces – Molday lab

Senior Graduate Students:
1st: Natalie Marshall – Finlay/Overall lab
Runner-Up: Marylou Vallejo – Dedhar lab

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Tied for 1st: Ganna Vashchenko – Hammon lab
Gareth Lim – Johnson lab

Undergraduate Students
1st: Caroline Chu –  Gold lab
Runner-Up: Matthew Lund – Kieffer lab

Junior Graduate Students:
1st: Jeff Stafford – Gordon lab
Runner-Up: Abdalla Sheikh – Abraham lab

Senior Graduate Students:
Tied for 1st: Andrea Globa – Bamji lab
Christina Farr Zeund – Horwitz lab

Postdoctoral Fellows:
1st: Melissa Page – Johnson lab
Runner up: Marta Szabat – Johnson lab

People’s Choice for Best Poster: Cedric Brimacombe – Beatty lab

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