Research Day 2014

LSI-GSA Research Day was held on March 14, 2014


Dr. Suzanne Noble
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine (Infectious Disease)
UC San Francisco
Candida albicans in the Mammalian Host:
Tales of Fungal Commensalism and Virulence
Sponsored by Bacterial Adaptation & Response Networks Research Group

Dr. Allan Basbaum
Professor & Chair
Department of Anatomy
UC San Francisco
Can cell transplants treat the “disease” of neuropathic pain?
Sponsored by Neuroscience Research Group

Award Winners:
Junior Graduate Students:
1st: Andrea Globa – Bamji Lab
Runner-Up: Allan Mills – Duong Lab

Senior Graduate Students:
1st: Jan Burian – Thompson Lab
Runner-Up: Kelvin Lau – Van Petegen Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows:
1st: Jenny Bruin – Kieffer Lab
Runner-Up: Stephen Redpath – Perona-Wright Lab

Undergraduate Students
Gold: Tessa Van Tol – Perona-Wright Lab
Silver: Franco Li – Yip Lab
Bronze: Victoria Baronas – Kurata Lab

Junior Graduate Students
Gold: Jenny Huang – Van Raamsdonk Lab
Silver: Michael Carlson – Duong Lab
Bronze: Farnaz Pournia – Matsuuchi Lab

Senior Graduate Students:
Gold: Julienne Jagdeo – Jan Lab
Silver: Emma Loveday – Jean Lab
Bronze: Blair Gage – Kieffer Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Gold: Israel Casabon – Eltis Lab
Silver: Michael Yuchi – Van Petegem Lab
Bronze: Neil Mackenzie – Bromme Lab